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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hood to Coast takes center stage today

My thoughts and feelings - Quick review of the Hood 2 Coast documentary- I thought it was well done. I realized very quickly at how hard it must have been to pull the emotion out of this race and edit it into a watchable movie. They did great. It focused mostly on four teams and there transition from everyday life and happenings to the race and the adventure of it. However they also pulled in some great outside musings and things going on. The area looks jaw dropping and made me want to run right then and there. And yet it also showed the grit and determination of the reality that goes along with it. This is a tough race without any doubt, and yes it is run and completed by everyone from elite athletes to will say less than average people. But it shows some real class and I give it an 4.5 star out of 5 as a runner that loves running. I would even go so far to say the non runner would truly appreciate it.
I'm a freak that enjoys true body suffering, and I quite honestly take pleasure in watching people athletically suffer and push through things. I envision myself in there position and reflect back on times similar. I love this part of the movie, and maybe that is what I was wanting to see more of?

I was thinking it would be different, but I can't tell you why that is. I do know my friend and yours, Patrick at is doing this race. So it got me that much more psyched to get a preview of what he may and may not experience.
The one thing I can say about that is. Patrick is damn passionate about multi sport. He is a better than average runner. I am not, but I know I would take that race serious. I would have fun and wallow in my mantra "it's not the destination, but the adventure getting there". 
But hey, being serious about racing is not a bad thing either.
Nor is having fun and a great time. 
There is a fine line there for me.
I suggest it be viewed and your own opinions be made. I liked it allot and would see it again.
Maybe not for $ 12.50 a ticket and $ 10.00 in snacks. But it would be a cool movie to hang around and recover to with friends. I'm not saying it wasn't financially worth it. I'm just saying Ive been there, done that.
Id rather rent/buy a copy and chill at home with a smoothie and a pile of chick pees :-).

I had the most insane PAY IT FORWARD gift ever presented to me yesterday. Totally unexpected and overwhelmingly appreciated. I would go further, but that might not be cool. You know who you are and what you did.

Lastly, my oldest son was working late last night. So his fiance was chilling with my wife until I got home. Next thing I know it's midnight. So needless to say I totally wimped on my 6 am ride.
I hit the gym and did a  45 minute spin class to the beat of my own drum.
 I know that instructor hates when I do that.But I got an agenda and it doesn't include spinning at level two for 20 minutes on intervals.
We gotta go big or go home !!



  1. I thought the movie was well done as well. Some things I would have liked to see more of and I do agree with you that it would be great to watch after a race with friends, but give me pizza after a race.

  2. Some of my friends did it last year - I thought about doing it for a few seconds until I remembered how slow I run. Heh.

    I was shocked that the beer drinkers did so well - I never could have gone from the couch to HTC like they did.

  3. I like your review, too! Definitely looking forward to it coming out on DVD. I was a bad girl and smuggled a gatorade in to the theater... :). Jason just commented on my blog about the Texas race in 2012. You & Patrick can come out together. We'll get Jeff over at Carrot, and get Team Tri blogger going! No really, I'm serious!

  4. Nice review! I can't wait to view this when it hits dvd. Small town Pullman, WA didn't have it of course.

    I love the team part: bonding over physical pain!

  5. This movie sounds awesome, can't wait to see it.

  6. Jason- Im down with pizza too.

    Green girl- I too was shocked how well the beer drinker team did, and was also amazed how it went for them from couch to HTC. i DONT THINK THEY WERE ALL PARTIERS.

    Shannon, don't threaten me with a good time.

    Jess- that race would be right up you and your husband alley from what I see.

    Barbie- I'm suprised you havn'y entered it yet

  7. I dont have that movie in my region, WTF