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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Do the walls feel as if there closing in ?

If this seems a little out of character for me. It is. Just bare with me. I was asked by an outside source to share this and I'll do the best I can. Thanks

I ask this question of the title because our lives are a series of appointments, home and job responsibilities, family obligations, children, fix this and repair that. It can get overwhelming to say the least.
I guess my point is, how do you fit it all in and train to your potential ?

I know how I do it, I think I know how some closer friends do it. But the reason I bring this up is because  I believe there are a lot of quality potential athletes and certainly non athletes out there that can benefit from your wisdom of how you and I fit it in, and make it work.

There is no doubt that a healthier lifestyle will make for a happier person. A happier person can make for a better spouse, boy or girlfriend, or even parents as a whole. So how do you fit it all in?

First of all it can be a challenge in a relationship, especially when only one partner is into it.
 My advice is to allow it time to take shape. Let the your partner see the positive benefits that will come along with it. Let your extra energy speak for itself.
Don't get so consumed that you forget what real life is. Allow the fun of training to spill over into your everyday life.
Try not to focus every conversation around it. Unless of course you are with like minded people, then it's quite obvious that's really all we want to talk about.

Hopefully your training has put you on a tight schedule. In most cases it will and time is a commodity. Use this to your advantage at home or the work place.
Just because there not training (yet) doesn't mean they wont appreciate your promptness and enthusiasm to get it done right the first time, and on time.

Your attitude, hopefully upbeat now, will become infectious. And others will feed off of this.
This is not to say you won't still have good and bad days. Of course we will, at home and at work.
But use your now better trained body and mind to resist blowing up. Think things out first and make a clearer decision on your actions. Isn't this what you would do if you were training ? The answer is yes ! Therefore use your power that you have created and posses. Let it rub off on the others and see how they change.

A person that is on a regular training schedule should also have better eating habits. Planned meals are important for time saving and for better fitness levels. Use this to your advantage at home and see how it benefits everyone. And even when you don't nail the exact diet you wanted that day or week, don't throw it away. Step back, regroup and refocus. Isn't this what you would do while training ?

In short, I personally try and plan 80 % of my training around times that press me, and not my family.
EXAMPLE- I do most of my training early mornings, before my normal day will start. This doesn't interfere with my family or work life too much. And when I know it will I keep it to a minimum, so as not to allow the two to interfere in a negative way.
I also do several lunch workouts. Yes I sacrifice some social time with some people over a meal, but really whats more important ?
I only give advice to my wife about fitness when asked or I see an opening of interest. Otherwise I'm am an observer and supporter. I do the same with employees and the few friends I have, assuming they are not pursuing fitness.
I don't push my kids to participate in activities that they have no interest in. That doesn't mean I won't drag my son out on a run with me, hey he's 10 years old, I let him ride a bike.
All joking aside, the only thing I tell him is he will have to do something. Find out what you like and we will help participate. But you will not be allowed to sit and play videos and watch tv all day.
 Keep throwing mud on the wall with them, they'll find something that sticks.

Weekends are a little more tricky and take a little more balance. But with understanding on my part and a little give, it will almost always work out.
 Remember very few understand, or even think about what you/we are going through to get to that next fitness level.
They could care less about intervals, hill repeats, sprints and volume. Let alone understand it. So give them a break and don't get to technical. Keep it simple and understandable.
Have fun with fitness and let it blend with your life. Keep it a lifestyle for both or all of you. And for sure do not force feed anyone your passions. Let it take it's normal course and it will eventually be part of them too.
And remember, life happens not always on a schedule. You have to be somewhat flexible with ALL of it, for ANY of it to work.

Train hard, train smart.Stay healthy and happy.

Today's lunch work out was a bit rushed due to a last minute meeting. But I was flexible because life happens.
I did a pool swim at 1300 meters in 26:54 , - 100x1 to 500x2 to 200x1. Showered and back at work by 1:00. However I did leave a bit early for lunch to make it happen that way.


  1. Well said. It is all about balance.

  2. Train hard, train smart. Stay healthy

    Well said.

  3. Great post! Balance is key. Anyone has the potential to do amazing things. I like to inspire others to do better for themselves. Lead by example. A healthy lifestyle is contagious.

  4. Working with the family is key, good job on remembering that.

  5. Kovas is right...working with the family and remembering that it is supposed to be a marathon not a sprint. If conflicts arise, it can be wise to postpone a workout.