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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lets get crackin !

January 1st was an awesome day with a reuniting with my sister. January 2nd I had an awesome 10.3 mile run that was exactly where I felt I should be. January 3rd,4th and 5th kind of sucked with a cold. So I'm going to restart this sucker.

Had a great New Years eve. very festive.

backyard, this was pre people.

I don't really care to discuss 3rd/4th/5th, except my wife has our/my food spot on !! Thank you awesome wife.

Today I made a packed to do a work out finally,as my health is probably 75 % back.
I ran the treadmill for 3.1 miles. First mile @ a 10:30 pace, then going to a 9:31 pace for mile two. Walking for .25 miles because of oxygen depletion. Than kicking it back up to 7:51 pace for .4miles and finished with an 8:31 pace. I walked the last .1 for recovery.
I'm still not a fan of this guy.
It was awesome to run again though, so I got to give it props for that. I took about a 15 minute steam and just stretched and tried to clear wicked thoughts. Showered up and headed back to work.
road to recovery 

absolutely sweating bullets, it took me 15 minutes to stop the body faucet. Bike news coming soon. Patrick I went another route.But I'm pretty sure you'll approve. Keep you posted and as  of right now 1 hour post work out, I believe I back on for a.m. beatings !!!!  Keep your goals close to your heart, wear them on your sleeve if you have to. Endurance Sports are upon us and we shall all rise ,fall, and rise again together.


  1. 1. Nice Patrick-style self-portrait.
    2. Bike news: if you went with a Big Wheel you are my hero forever.

  2. I am so happy that you have been able to reconcile with your sister. I had a similar fall-out with my brother a few years ago and after a long time with no contact we are slowly re-building. Baby steps, but it's progress.

    Your patio looks great! Love the firepit!

  3. Great more stories about the PCH while I am frozen

    way to restart!!!


  4. Kovas, I was just about to write the same Glad to hear you are feeling better.