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Monday, January 24, 2011

The cold bug continues

Not for me, but unfortunately for my son. My wife also has something going on, and it appears cold be sinus related. Bleh to both !!
My son spent 2 days trying to get back to feeling half normal and my wife followed about the same. I passed on Saturdays long ride with OC VELO due to some time issues and obligations my wife had early. I did get to hook up for Sundays club recovery ride and about 10 people showed up. It is a different pace, (recovery) than the Saturday ride. It is still great to be in a group ride and chatting while pounding out some miles. The weather called for sun and wind. And at 6:00 a.m. I was seeing the wind they were talking about. My thought was no matter what this could be a tough 40 + mile ride.
When I got to the designated meet point I took a minute to snap this.
The flags were fairly calm (yah) and the air was crystal clear. There was also some great hollow off shore waves. The picture would b hard to pick it out but it was head high + and pretty epic.
I made the inaugural journey on the new roadie.
It fit much better after a stem change, moving the hoods and rewrappinmg some new bar tape. Along with 6 seat adjustments. It was super light and responded great on climbs.It was fast on the down hills and I even got more confident towards the end on cornering at high speeds. She's staying and will see some miles .
Sunday ride took me just under 48 miles having to leave the club at around 35 or so miles. I pounded the rest out by myself and hooked up with a few stragglers on the road for the ride back home, trying to keep a tail wind pace of about 24 mph.
Look forward to some more saddle time, and pelaton time.
Speaking of which it was good to see some current cycling with THE TOUR DOWN UNDER. I wish the coverage could have been a little more full,but Ill take what I can get.
Today is swim a day calling for 2000 meters. 



  1. Good to hear the new ride is working out. Wishing I could be in some of those hollow off shore waves.

  2. Nice job. Glad to hear the new bike's a keeper.

  3. Nice job on the ride and avoiding the illness.

    My wife has a Bianchi as well and loves it.