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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Die cold, die !

The good news seems to be that this cold is a head cold. Runny nose, sneeze, fell like I am walking around half stoned. The bad news is that I can't stand being sick and like every single one of you,it just doesn't fit into my lifestyle or schedule. I have given it 2 days with rest, food, and gallons upon gallons of fluids. It has helped and I feel stable. But I can't even think about not running tomorrow. I don't think I'll do the 6:oo a.m. damn patrol but maybe an evening.\
Would everyone agree bundling up to be best. Then make sure I get home and right in the shower after. Along with some type of recovery drink ?
Any views from the forum would be appreciated.


  1. One school of thought is "When in doubt, leave it out." A second school of thought is that if it is your chest, don't run, but if it is in your head, you can give it a try.

    I personally would give yourself another day to get better.

  2. I would take the day. Your fitness isn't going to go away with an extra day but if you do it it could get worse and be sidelined longer.

  3. Feel better soon! Take the extra day - it will be so worth it!

  4. I agree with everyone above. If it's in your head, OK to train. Any place south of that, no training.

    Take another day to fully recover.

  5. I was in this position last week on Thursday. I gave in to it and ran on Sunday. Better to bounce back strong, then slowly crawl back WHILE you are exercising. But you are a stud and will make the right call.

  6. Definitely get outside to run, kick it out of your system!
    IF you really want to kick it out fly to MN and run in sub zero temps:)

  7. I say one more day - which considering I am late responding to this post - you would have already rested. Hope your better