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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Really. This is pushing it. And this is how we do things up in here.

This is probably the most time challenged week for all of us. I can even keep all the small and large events straight at this point. My Outlook on my computer looks like a flight pattern list.
Then our pal Luke over at throws down The Iron Christmas Virtual 70.3 Race. Really, this is just test your will and test your patience 70.3 race. But I'm in and looking forward to see how I slice and dice my day. Finagle extra time at lunch and pray to the heavens above for some semi dry road to put some real bike miles on.
Should be creatively interesting, considering my 10 year old is off on Christmas holiday starting Wednesday the 22nd and I'm also coordinating my stores Christmas lunch and Gift giveaway raffle. So hell and I'm sure high water I will be running at least 6 miles in the rain/wind/crazy fricken drivers world Wednesday a.m.
Fortunately I was able to get in just over 10 miles on the bike yesterday followed by 2.1 miles on the dreadmill.
Today was a scheduled swim day anyways. So I'm knocking out the entire swim at lunch time. 78 laps here we come. Hoping for a clear empty lane . don't these people know I'm in the middle of a HIM ! JEEZ ! beat it.
Of all things the bike will be my biggest challenge. Well besides the sheer lack of time to do this. If I can't get morning rides in on Thursday and Friday I will be in trouble. Even though my son will be at home with my wife/his step mom, whom he loves and gets along with like no other. I want to get home and do lunches with them. So lunch sessions are out, I have to wake with the roosters and get bigger miles out early.



Thanks Luke .


  1. Thanks for the heads up on the Virtual HIM. I saw it on Patrick's post as well and just went over there and I'm in too.

    What a great way to keep motivated during these times.

  2. I'm in too. Very good idea. Good luck with your training.

    (And thanks for your great comments to me. Much appreciated.)

  3. Hope you get to fit it all in and I will be praying for no slow poke to be in your lane whilst your swimming - which happens to be my biggest pet peeve.

  4. Ive already screwed this thing up.I swam 2350 meters instead of 1931 meters. Do I get penalized for stupidity ?

    Kovas I love you too.

    B- I was th only slow poke 2350 meters @ 32:46. UGH ! I suck.

  5. all you guys tackling this in such short time totally rock!


  6. That is so cool - I wish I would have seen this earlier - very cool indeed!