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Monday, December 13, 2010

this just in

Some of you know that I had  a brief Ice Hockey background as a player and then coaching juniors. I just received a call from the head coach who I teamed with for that 5 year coaching venture. He informed me that one of young prodigies will be making his true NHL debut tonight. Rhett Rakhshani was called up from Denver WCHL/AHL last night. This is one of NY Islanders minor league teams. Goggle him, hes quite a talent from the west coast surf city.
I'm very happy for him. Also a little proud.

GO RHETT !! The kids a scoring machine. Will see what he has for the big show.

8:00 NY ISLANDERS  vs predators 12/13/10

Could be my new favorite team.

Nah ! 20 year Blackhawks fan. And thats been tough.


  1. Awesome, we are ISLANDERS fans!!! Although right now they are not all that fun to watch :/ We went to some games in the beginning of the season, but they have been downhill from there.

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  3. Katie, keep an eye for some ice time from him tonight.

  4. That's a great post...Sounds so exciting..

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  5. Unfortunately this is all that came out of it for him :-(

    Islanders rookie RW Rhett Rakhshani made his NHL debut after being called up from AHL Bridgeport earlier Monday. .

    AND A 5-0 LOSS. That's o,k,, hopefully he'll earn a regular spot on the roster.