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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Went to my sons house to meet the newest member of the clan.

"IT'S A GIRL" !!!

Yeah, she is so small and has beautiful brown eyes to go with her gorgeous brown locks.
She was asleep when we got there, but I just grabbed her by her little nose and made her get up.
Grandpa is in da house and he wants some time with you.
Grandma was not to happy at all with my waking up tactics. Seeing that the minute I woke her up see peed and then pooped right away.
Fortunately it was all done right where it should have been and clean up was a breeze.
Now when she gets older and does this I'll instruct my son that he will have to smack her around a bit and be stern about her choice of bathroom locations. But for now it's understandable.

What ? you don't rough your kids up a bit?
Oh, I'm sure you already gathered it was a puppy. RIGHT?

What and who do you think I am anyways;
So she's cute as hell. Little chocolate Lab named Bailey. A good Irish name I thought.
We played and played once she got up and I can't wait until she can come to our house to hang with the rest of the gang.

But when we got home these guy's knew we had been cheatin on them and wanted to know with whom.
They gave us the once over, and then settled back in to there lounging. All the while giving us the stink eye and cold shoulders.
But hey there time will come to me our mystery date.

Seriously though awesome night with one of the boy's and his GF and there kid (?). Good food, good dog, good times.

Now a little training blurb- A.M. run this morning was a scheduled 3.4 miles at what I'm hoping to be my race pace for the  HB 1/2 Marathon in 8 weeks. 3.4 miles in 30:48 or 8.96 mpm. If I don't run sub 9 minute miles for 13.1 I won't be crushed. But we have to have a goal right.

Have a good day and check out and sign up for please. The site is rockin. Spread the word please.



  1. Oh man, I love dogs but am looking forward to the day I am free of mine. They are getting old so it won't be long now. My kids give me enough work!

  2. Bailey....Caratunk Girl's dog is named Bailey as well.

    I have a pug named Ginga (NY accent of pronouncing Ginger) and she is always on top of us but thankfully she is tiny.

  3. That puppy is so super cute and so are your dogs. I have 3 - 2 English Cocker Spaniels and a Fox Terrier.Best companions ever.

  4. Puppies rule. Thanks for the shout out.

  5. Kovas you morbid bastard. I'm telling those dogs how you feel.

    I like Ginga

  6. nice run goal...and cute puppy which looks like a lot of work!


  7. YOu will get that goal! Have you been doing your long runs @ a 9 min/mile pace?

  8. Jon, right at 9. I have run 9 miles at 8.62 pace. But there could be some variance in distance due to I do not own a Garmin. so I will call it right at 9 also.