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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hard to find the ballance sometimes

Like many of you I have the end of the year business things to take care of.
2011 projections.
where are we forecasting to close out for the year.
Everyone and there brother coming in with last minute vacation day request. (Which is a huge no-no with me).I'm very upfront with 30 day vacation requests, unless its a medical or family emergency. Deviation in this policy tends to really jack my business world up.
It's all kind of annoying, and I know it's coming every year.

Throw in personal holiday plans at home and at work for employee's.
Christmas presents, decorating, who's house and where. It gets a little overwhelming at times. Fortunately I have an awesome wife that loves to plan stuff. That being said. I on the other hand don't always listen close enough and I get myself in trouble with the proverbial, "where doing what? with who? and when?" but I was going to _________ fill in the blank.

Throw in my reacquainting with swim,bike,run passion and this could get a little crazy for a guy like me.

The reason I'm writing this down is that I have made a personal goal to not do that this year.
My re found love of training has got me on point with priorities and schedules. And though I don't want to take the spirit and joy out of the season, I'm hell bent on absorbing all conversations on above said festivities.And making sure I know and remember at least the majority of what's going on at home.
You see, I'm not totally stupid. I know theres things that my wife throws in there and says she told me about them and I'M SURE SHE DIDN'T ! But I digress.

Scheduling challenges ? bring it !
Running all over town ? I don't care I got this freaking thing! (courtesy of EMZ ) . Yah, I ripped it, whatcha going to do about it?
Listening and actually retaining wife's plans ? damn straight, my minds crystal clear right now.
What if I get worn out or run down ? No worries there mates, I'll throw down a GU or two mixed in with 20 oz. of NUUN and I'm all square.
What about training ? OH Yah, it's getting done. Even if that means pre dawn, lunch times or when everyone else is going to bed. IT'S GETTING DONE.

So there it is. I vow to keep my head on straight and get it all done :-)

Lunch swim yesterday was awesome. I can't believe what a difference from last weeks return to water.
1600 meters as follows
100 meters warm up.
550 meters to 20 second rest
500 meters to 20 second rest
250 meters to 10 second rest
200 meters to 10 second rest
100 meter cool down.

This mornings A.M. ride was also gooooooooood.

22 miles in fairly dense fog for the first 9 miles. Large ring only. Aero position for 70 % of ride for average speed of 21.6 mph.
Meet a couple of La Habra Cycle club guy's out there. They didn't say much as I bridged up to them and wheel sucked for a mile or so to feel there pace.
I said Hi to both at the first stop,and they were friendly enough. I give respect to anyone on the road getting there ride on,especially at the crack of dawn. There either committed or crazy, so WTH. Either way.
We took off and  I proceeded to take my turn at a pull, which ended up lasting for the next 4 miles. I think it was punishment for not being on a traditional road bike.
I didn't care, I love to work. It only makes me stronger. Plus I have a driver personality any way's. I love to be the one leading if I can, in anything. GO FIGURE  :).
So the ride was good. The temp was a mild 45 and climbing, but quite damp.
I miss the frequent rides that were just a month or so ago. But I'll take it when I can get it.
The next few days will be run only day's, from 3.5 up to 8 miles.

Have a good day and check out
A great idea, from a great guy, full of great people with great visions ! Isn't that great !



  1. I like this. “Even if that means pre dawn, lunch times or when everyone else is going to bed. IT'S GETTING DONE”…That pretty much sums up my training to a tee.
    Balancing real life and not dropping the ball when ‘she’ tells you something (even if she never told you in the first place) is way harder than any long run or marathon.

    Stay focussed and plan right…and you can have your cake and eat it too.

    …even have somebody else’s cake.

  2. Good plan, and riding with the La Habra guys is tough work, the weekday morning crew is fast. Well done.

  3. Q- we all gotta have somethin. Might as well be cake !!

    Patrick, I swear I seen two more up ahead of us also. Do they ride from La Habra area via Beach or the River trail, head North and then turn back up the next River trail ?
    I don't know for sure ,but there kits looked the same.
    Thanks, I was throwing down some watts to not crack and descrace my race ;). Trigeek that is.

  4. The Holidays are WAY busy than the middle of Tri Season.

    Jealous of your climate out there. One of these days I am just going to say SCREW IT and move to Southern California and live the GOOD life!