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Friday, December 3, 2010

Paying it forward

So I just made a young mans day that works for me :-). And he made mine.


I have a young guy that works for me that has been on the verge of irritating at times in the last year that he has worked for me. I say that laughing because he is irritating in the way that all business owners/operators/managers want.
Super aggressive in wanting to progress in his chosen career. After many conversations with him I have come to realize he did not grow up with a silver spoon in his mouth. To the say the least I would say he has gone through some real challenges in his short 23 year old life. Made some fairly big mistakes that will stay with him for a long time, likely forever, but appears to have come out the other side of the tunnel and has chosen to make a difference.
He comes to work early, and is always a hand raiser when extra work has to be done. Yes he has had his share of opinions of co workers work ethics etc.. but he really does care, and really wants to be accountable.
So for this I give him allot of grace and understanding.

I work for a company that has several companies under one. One of the benefits of this is opportunities to swoop up on sporting event and concert event swag in a really trick suite.
I utilize this option several times a year and am not ashamed of it. Go Ducks !/Go Kings !

I received a call from one of the owners this week inviting myself as a single (this kind of sucked as a married guy) to a Lakers game in there suite. It was to be all the head managers at each store and the owners. Served up as a small appretiation for keeping our heads above water in what most of us know as a challenged economy.
With out dragging it out, I'm sure it will be catered up nicely.

I told him right off the bat I could go due to previous plans made. He told me that was fine, he under stood and suggested I take a couple days and come up with a person that I would like to have the ticket go to.

That said ticket was given to the above mentioned young man.
In recieving the ticket and even the offer to go, I would say at the very least he was humble and very quick to let me know he would be respectful and represent us well.
I didn't need any further answer than that. I knew my choice was the right one.

Now I'm no huge Basketball fan, but the Lakers do kick some ass. And the couple games I have made it to have been pretty much an athletic show. That being said I thought it was more than worth skipping and paying it forward on this one just to see his face and hear his reaction.

Early present for him, and me :-)

paying  it forward is an awesome thing at any level.

Happy Friday . My life is getting better day to day in everyway !


  1. That is awesome. That kid will remember that forever. Nice job.

  2. I just love that you chose this guy to give it to. He will never ever forget it for as long as he lives - and should he ever be faced with further challenges this will be the moment that will make him choose wisely from now on - the fact that someone thought enough of him to give him something. Well done you!

  3. Good for you!

    Blessing the young guys is hard to do for many older guys. Throw in a bit of mentoring and you're all set.

  4. Look out - you may be working for him one day! :)

    Its always nice to read about an act of kindness!