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Thursday, December 2, 2010

This was todays real blog

I say that only because the first blog I put up was kind of randomn. Although I do find informative and good reading. I also like the fact that they are furthering the Blazemans legacy and assistance for ALS.

That being said :
I need to know if I am becoming a freak or if what is morfing in my head is normal. I'll give you my everyday scenerios. This is real life and although I risk being laughed at ( I'm o.k. with that, I'm really just on this planet for your amusement anyways). I want to know that I'm not the only one. (I hope). And if I am should I seek help?

1. every road, street,canal or trail within a 60 mile radius of my house has a target on it's back.

2. In a vehicle I try and leave my house in every direction possible. With the soul purpose to map out new run routes.

3. Not only do I do # 2 obsessively. I also try and make a mental log of which one of those routes would be best in the morning, afternoon or night.

4. I keep a note pad in my vehicle and I am constantly making distance notes. i.e. - this loop is 3.4, 4.2,5 miles exact, 5.8, perfect 6.2 10k, this is 8 mile, this is 10 etc..

** side note** I found myself going in the totally opposite direction Monday night while coming home with freshly cooked Greek food sitting on my passenger seat.  As I carefully calculated out my own 13.1 mile loop that would start and finish me at my house.
All the while my wife is sitting at home waiting for said dinner to arrive. And as much as I love her, and food in general. This mapping process was waaaaaaaaaay more important.

5. Google earth is a new toy to map out bike loops, see above. this is 15 miles, this is 18, this is 22, this is 25, up to 60.

6. I never know what kind of gas mileage I'm getting anymore because I'm constantly resetting my trip meter to map out these run courses.

7. I eyeball every drainage canal entrance for unlocked gates, or open access ports so as to be able to possibly run some road then trail. I do the same with all the local parks. Big or small.

8. When road running I will often switch back and forth across the street several times during the run to see if I run smoother when having to be offset or leaning  to the left or  to the right.
( I started doing this because I was told years ago that one leg is slightly shorter than the other) and I honestly feel that I run smoother with a slight slope going down on my left side ?

9.  I take better care of my swim,bike, run clothes,shoes,cleats etc.. Than I do with the clothes I wear on an everyday basis.

10. I have seriously started shopping for comfortable running shoes in all black that would be acceptable with dress pants for work. I think proper leg and foot recovery after my morning runs is far more important than conveying to my customers that I wear $ 200.00 Kenneth Cole etc.. dress shoes.

11. I want to know who is going to be the first chain of multi sport shops that offers a true punch card for GU's and recovery drinks. And not just 50% off these GU's because they are the least favorite flavors etc..

12. I find myself watching every runner and cyclist on the road, (regardless of stature and size)checking out there form and cadence. Wondering all the while what there doing it for : Daily 2 mile run? training for the local 5k/10k ? There once a week run ? 1/2 mary, full mary? Triathlete ?
It's all interesting to me. And part of the mystic of them and us I guess, is that we all have a little plan in our head.

So Houston, do we have a problem here? or is this all normal crap that abnormal people like us just don't normally talk about ?
And yes my previous comment about tucking in an aero position while driving in my truck is a real scenario that has happens more often than you would imagine. I just finally let the cat out of the bag on that one.

I thought this blog was pretty interesting today.


  1. Normal

    also included in normal (I hope) is scouting porta potties on construction sites residential OR commercial along run routs. I pretty much know already where these will be for my long run tomorrow!

  2. N-O-R-M-A-L

    Seriously when you get to the point that I am at and bringing in your Garmin so you can drive the run or bike route then go home and upload to see the map so you know where it all is b/c your memory won't remember then give me a ring.

    And I am always checking out other runners/cyclists/swimmers so that I can learn something and I am always trying to figure out why are they there.

    It is all part of our wiring and the sooner we accept it the sooner everybody will accept us waking at 4am to run 10 miles and not say 'are you crazy?'

  3. Resistance is futile. You have been assimilated. :)

    You are now an "official" multi sport athlete, as in you are living and breathing it on a daily basis.

    Do you ever use

    You can save a LOT of time from driving around. If you are usure of street conditions, use the streetview on google maps or google earth. is GREAT!

  4. I've read a couple of posts like this over the past couple days. The sad part is... I can relate.


    I think I've completed my conversion to a Tri-Dork! How the hell did this happen. I should have seen the signs.


  5. Sorry Craig, but you need to get a life. B-A-L-A-N-C-E or burnout. :)

  6. Hey Kovas I took my day off yesterday. And I was board and wondering how everyone elses training/or non training was going. I'm trying to stay on a nuetral field here. ARE YOU JUDGING ME ?? :-)