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Friday, June 15, 2012

3 full weeks off before the next race

I'm having mixed emotions on how much or how little training to do. So far I have gotten in only a handful of miles since last Sundays 7/10/12 race. Which ended up being a show up and sit in a 100 man field race. I don't like that attitude and always want to come in sharp and on form. But I basically drove the entire distance south to north of the state of California on Thursday 7/7 slept,got my stepson on 7/8 and drove back. 12.5 hours up and 14 hours home with 6 hours of sleep in between.
I opted for a solo 38 mile ride on Saturday at a moderate tempo and kept the climbing under 2000 ft. Woke up on Sunday with the hopes of doing two categories in the days race, but after the first race with the 30 + 4/5 cat's I passed on the next line up an hour later with the 45 + 1-4 cat's. There are on average 3 + National champions that line up in that 45+ race and it averages about 27-28 mph for 50 minutes with max speeds of 38 + and honestly I didn't have the legs or the heart. I hung in safe the whole first race in about the top 25 but on the last lap I just drifted back and let everyone else sprint. I was just happy to be done.

This is MT.Shasta on the way home,  had never seen it before.

some team shots earlier this year.

Gary buck /rockstar and team mate this year, clown.
I do like the black and whites, very cool. Race shots random events.

So I need some rest and have only ridden 40 miles this week. I think I'm doing about 70 or so tomorrow and then taking it day to day next week. Ill put in some bigger numbers and harder efforts the following week leading up to July 1st race.

train hard,train smart, be active.



  1. Those B+Ws are very cool, sounds like you raced smart!

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