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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

afternoon wind and cycling = pain and suffering

Tuesday night worlds at El Dorado park was what was on tap.
After a big southern California weekend of racing the Tuesday night hammer fest was sure to suffer.
Saturday was
Sunday was
Monday was and of course the Tuesday night shoot out. I personally spoke with two cat 1 pros that went hard at all 4. That is crazy ! but if I got paid to ride and I was 15 to 20 years younger I would be all for it too.
So there it was, the phone call to Patrick  and the conversation that we hoped it wouldn't be scarce. You would think, the less people, the better odds. That is only partly true though. The reality is the less people the more hard work in the wind. The more people, is less work in the wind and your skills will pay dividends in tactics and leg power.
This was lean at 9 (ugh!) and the lead out lap was by none other than yours truly. Not because I wanted to, but because no one else did.

I figured do some work right off the bat and see where the chips fell. I took a full lap pull and then just pulled hard right to go back and sit in. This gave me a turn up front and on a low pace neutral lap to boot. And it also gave me a chance to see everyone competing.
This was lap two or three where Patrick did the work and decided to pull out and come to his senses.
I'm joking of course but look at the guy that is now going to be first wheel, Patrick was making that dude work.

  It was shortly there after maybe another 2-3 laps in where we got the first prime sprint bell. We set it up good and I was shadowing for cover only waiting to jump at about 75 meters to sprint.
Patrick is just left right behind the main lead out. This was perfect and I was just leaning in to gain all the draft I could. Then this guy jumped up from no where behind me for the 2nd spot.
But by the picture he was doing it right and hanging on for all he was worth.
The small field got splintered bad after that and we would ride the remainder of the race with 6 guys and only 3 working with the other 3 hanging on and wondering if they could finish it out.
Me and this guy attacked 5-6 times each in that last 30 minutes but it was too tough to stay away alone and we wouldn't work together after we went 1-2 on the 2nd sprint.
Ironically we ended up attacking the last couple of laps the same way and finished 1-2 in the final sprint at the end. This was corner 2 of the last lap as we whipped it up to about 31 mph. I took my pulls early and in the wind, so I could get in position to draft and set up in a tailwind to the finish.
All said and done he past the finish line a full bike ahead of me. I finished 1/2 a bike ahead of the next and I'm pretty sure no one else contended the final sprint. It was warm, windy and a character builder for sure.

on the night I was 3rd on sprint 1, 2nd on sprint 2,and  2nd o/all. I felt strong with or with out a big field and I was stoked to see Patrick there. It was also cool to see the owner of Out-Spoke-N bikes show up with one of our new,young race team hopefuls.Oh and another customer that likens Peter Fonda straight up doppelganger.

Back to back race days was sick. I would like to someday do that again. As for now we have a new series starting next Tuesday, and the next large CBR race on June 12th. Stay tuned.

Train Hard, train smart, be active.


  1. No, I mean it. You've got a nice place. It's not every man that can live off the land, you know. You do your own thing in your own time. You should be proud.

    - Easy Rider

  2. Dude, that was exciting. Nicely done.

    Big Clyde

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