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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I like body wash

And this guy is freaking me out with today's blog. But this too shall pass.
I took some training days off last week of the bike because of all the training leading up to Memorial day weekend race. And then a race the following day.
I reset the meter on Saturday as previously posted and headed down to Out-Spoke-n for my first glimpse at what there shop ride was like. Having already spoken to the metro sexual above, I had an idea.
We really want this team concept to work for this store and we will succeed weather it be a slow upload of people or people committing early on.
Thus far I haven't been impressed with the level of want to vs. commitment. I know there are some newbies that show interest and it is possible that there may be some underlying talent there as well. But as Patrick so gracefully pointed out if you don't show up to practice the coach don't play you.
Unfortunately it may not work at this level in this sport. Oh how I wish it would though.
To date the one young gun that was served up early on when I approached Derick the owner about this has not been present for much of anything. He claims he'll be there tonight and I hope there is just a crap load of raw talent and he dominates the hell out of the pelaton for an hour. He is lean and in very good physical shape,we've yet to see how he goes at 25-26 mph hour for an hour with unlimited surges thrown in.
Saturdays ride with the store was fairly unorganized even with efforts of trying to keep it together. At there normal turn around point I had 1 taker in the group to head further south/east with me to add on another 25 miles and several hill profiles to train on.
Again he is 6 months into road bike riding and comes from a mountain bike back ground. Great for conditioning,horrible for road tactics and knowledge
I tried to explain how we would hit no less than 3 significant hill climbs that would range from a couple miles of climbing to several. I was personally going to be doing the entire set of climbs in my large ring to build leg strength and there is no race up the hills or anywhere else on the ride.
He didn't quite grasp that conversation and kept pulling forward and having to wait at the bottom of hills because he no idea of the route. I'm sure there were intentions of trying to impress me of hills cycling skills, but honestly it got more annoying as we went on.You want to impress me / pay attention and freakin learn a thing or two, and by the way Contador, what goes up must come down and back to shop some 18 miles away.
Well finally up the last climb, as frustrated as I had become, I stuck to my word with myself and continued to climb in my large ring at roughly 7-11 mph depending on the stretch and pitch.
He got totally confused on the exit route of the last long climb. I made the right turn and he went straight. ( LOL ) His little mistake cost him extra efforts and miles. Now normally I would say, who cares whats a couple of extra miles he obviously has the energy to do it. But the thing was, exactly as I knew it would be. We are now 39 miles into this ride and have climbed about 2300 feet total.  He put out all that solo effort as hard as he could with 1 bottle of Gatorade and I never saw him eat food once.
So he happens to hook up with me at about the 16 mile mark on PCH heading back in. I say whats up and at this point I don't really have much else to chat about. I could go int a long story about drafting and lack of knowledge there of but I won't. I'll just say I shortly here after got in front with a tailwind and averaged about 28 mph all the way back to the store vicinity. I would normally make sure he or anyone else was on board but I figured what's the use. Paybacks a bitch. It was 56 miles for me with some great hill work and then speed work at the end. I don't know what the other guy gained out of it.
Come to find out shortly there after he meet back up with Patrick at the shop and he went on to tell him some story about how he did,can and will ride ?
I don't know, I only talked briefly to P about said conversation and then me moved quickly on to his brick results and our roll in this whole thing.
We've come to the conclusion that we will come across people that want to, have the mental desire to and probably just won't do it. Or that they will want to and do it until to find out it is a crap load of work and quit.
Either way we will keep plugging away and take our best shots at growing a successful grass roots team and helping a very cool store owner grow his business while helping support us in the mean while.

Close moc up up team kit, coming to a race neer you !
 Monday was a mild 24 mile recovery ride. And tonight is a new series starting at El Dorado park.
I hear rumor we will have some people showing up tonight. I hope people pull it together for what it's worth.

Train hard,train smart and be active.   


  1. I believe in you. I mean that.

    And, as a Green Girl, I'm loving the team kit.

  2. Nice kit - feel free to send me one and I'll be with you guys in spirit (I won't be making practices or races though).

  3. Hey pal, it's bar soap not body wash...

  4. love the kit!


  5. Great post! Sorry I haven't been around much to comment cuz blogger comments havent worked for me. I got the workaround now so I hope u get this!

    I managed a bike shop and the subsequent race team for a couple years, MTB though, so I know what you're going through!
    I wish I lived closed, I would totally hook up with you guys - there is so much I want to learn about road weenie'ing and there is not many people around here willing to teach. I will find someone though, even if it means getting my ass handed to me on a few group rides.

    That guy was total inexperience. I think you got it right when you said he may be trying to impress you. It was a Penis Ride (see my post from a few days ago). It happens, some gotta find out the hard way.

    I had tried to message you after my killer first group road ride from the other week - you TOTALLY were an inspiration for me hanging in on a tough ride. I wanted to thank you for your awesome blog, I can't wait to try my hand out at a road race and learn more! Cheers!

    I'm just riding a cross bike with road tires, but I think I may crash another local group road ride anyways. I do care what they think, but its all I got to learn on for now. If they say anything I'll just burry them in the distance, I may be tactically inexperienced but I'm hoping my Ironman Training helps offset some of it. Once I earn a little respect maybe someone will actually share some knowledge with me. :)

    Love the colours! Snot green is always a winner hah!