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Monday, May 2, 2011

family fun and a solo wind trainer session

Sometimes your weekends are booked and planned way in advance. This was one of those weekends.
Having Eric most of last week and into the weekend.
I had been able to get a couple of midweek morning sessions in this week but with not much volume. I think it was just shy of 50 miles. Saturdays group ride would also be nill, but I needed to get in some decent miles, make it hurt and make it count.
For this ride I chose a 44 mile loop with 3 good climbs involved.
Heading south on PCH past Corona Del Mar to a well known little 2.45 mile climb known as Newport Coast. I've questioned in the past the fact that it is an average of 8% grade, but it turns out that it truly the number. With some short blasts that go above the 15 % mark and others the go at the 5% mark.
It is still an awesome test of strength and leg and lung endurance. I have had some recent calve issues as of late (in fact was sick of talking about them)but today would be a true test as of weather or not my equipment change had solved an issue.
As it turns out, it did. It was my choice and idea to time myself up this climb, being that I would be hitting it solo. With no others to mark myself and tempo, I had to make sure I didn't fall into a flat pace and just crawl up it.
I also convinced myself that I would not get near my tall 28 tooth gear. In fact I wasn't going to let myself get below a 34/23 and didn't. And though I did struggle a bit I managed to do the full climb in just under 14 minutes. That was base to full crest and descending. I was happy with the effort, especially considering the severe Santa Ana wind blast that had my right side at about 2/3 of the way up. They were strong to say the least, but added to the battle. About 2/3 of the way down you can turn off of the main road and loop back to do another climb. This climb is known as Turtle rock, and although it used to seem like a fairly long and drawn out climb, it really doesn't have the kick that I felt just a few months back. I don't really know the length of this climb, but our club does it quite often. If I was to guess, I would say 2 + miles. I felt it was a good sign that it didn't sting like it did not so long ago.
The one last detour on San Joaquin road for another climb up into a resident. This is short in length at about 650-700 meters but is pitched at a solid 12 %. This would be a great place for hill repeats. My only thought is the residents are likely not that forgiving to allow you to climb up and down there streets for any length of time.
So making my way out of the foothills and just a short stint on the back bay path, I was again out on PCH for the ride in and home.
There was a solid crosswind but I was able to hold onto about a 22 mph average. I was able to bridge up and grab a couple of wheels, catch my breath and take a pull. The issue was now that I had upped the pace and no one wanted to share the work, so I held it steady and let some people hold on.
Eventually people popped off the back. Except one held on and eventually came around and started sharing pulls. I have a feeling he was doing all the work for the people I bridged up to, and needed a break for a bit. Anyways we made it all the way back down PCH together taking nice short rotations,about every 300-400 meters. Average pace was about 25 mph and time and distance flew by, the wind was also negated by the team work.
Total ride was 44.3 miles in 2:17 with some decent climbing.

Then it was straight away recovery drink shower and off to Knott's

The infamous log ride. It was hot as heck and the lines were long, but we had a great time.

In line for Montezuma revenge, which was awesome.
We only stayed for about 6 hours due to some season passes we bought. We thought for the $ 60.00 a piece they were selling them for it would be a no brainer come this summer.
After hours in the saddle and then hours on my feet, I was ready to get home and take a break.
I'm making a big push in the next 40 days to get to 188 lbs. And this was part of my last hurrah meal.
16 oz rib eye and a dirty Martini. I did some decent sides of brown rice and an artichoke, but this is all but over for the next month and change.

Train hard,train smart, be healthy.



  1. Good to hear the calf issues may be behind you!

  2. I love the "last hurrah" meal. I've had many of those in my day :) Good to hear the calf issue is better! And Knotts sounds like fun. I've never been there before but I just love amusement parks!

  3. Sounds like a great ride. Nice job avoiding the tall gear. I frequently take that approach on hill climbs myself. Sometimes you have to lay down the challenge for yourself! Oh, and that last hurrah meal sounds awesome.

  4. ur making me hungry I WANT!!!!!!!

    must be some big hills to push those kinds of gears!

  5. Wow - great ride. And I'm glad to hear that the calf isn't bothering you!

    Where is Knotts? Looks like fun!