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Friday, May 20, 2011

Fridays, fast and the furious

IT WILL be a ramble.

Fast Friday = Tour of Amgen California, Solvang time trial stage. Stay tune for all out speed and sacrifice !

Speaking of which- I'm meeting P-daddy and P-daddy jr. up at the Amgen. Where they will be doing a boy's weekend.
I originally thought I could do something with my little guy, but plans changed with his mom and so I will roll up solo.

I'm good though, live, laugh, love the show go's on.

On a deeper note, this this is truly happening and I think the owner is as stoked as we are.
He invited us to hang at the Cannondale concierge tent for free food,swag and beverages at the TOC.

On top of that a further invitation was extended to stay or come back Monday and ride with some of, but obviously not all of
Liquigas boy's.

Here is Sagan handing it to them all a couple day's ago !

But first things first, It all kicks off with a nice 56+ 16 miles ride up the coast and through the foothills of the O.C with
This will put me in just under 150 miles this week. Not happy with that, but life goes on. It could have been worse.

Life is not bad, most of the time. Is it half full or half empty ?

Lastly my favorite quote of the week.

 " Those that talk, don't do. Those that do, can talk all they want " !

author- yours truly :-)

Train hard, Train smart ,be active. 


  1. Have fun! I bet it's going to be so exciting!

  2. That looks incredible! Have fun!

  3. That was the first stage where Sagan had himself positioned properly for the sprint. Saw it coming. Have fun at the ATOC!

  4. Should be a good weekend with the guy who everyone thinks is my brother and my son that looks like his mother.

  5. Hope you guys had fun this weekend. Totally jealous!