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Monday, May 16, 2011

Tour of Long Beach for a good cause

Saturday was The Tour Of Long Beach to benefit Millers children's hospital and it's quest to aid and cure children of debilitating diseases.
It was set up as 62 miles, 31 miles and a short fun ride of xyz miles (not sure).
Patrick and I hooked up with a local bike shop that was really engaging with this and got on board.
Patrick and I chose to ride from our house in to the start line and then ride home to add some miles to the day.
The weather was decent with some sun and some overcast. I have done my fair share of racing over the years, but never a charity ride like this. I will say for the most part it was very well organized and they stayed on time.

With only a few glitchy stretches of the ride, it was pretty well mapped out.
Our ride consisted of trying to keep a large group together, but ended up being futile considering the wide variation in every ones ambitions and abilities.
So we finally set out about 10 miles in, to just hammer it for all it was worth and get a good work out  in.

Patrick rolling into the staging area.

I did my best to take this while rolling side by with him.
As important to me, I had hit Patrick up a couple of weeks back about his thoughts on approaching this bike shop about a race team.
He seemed to think it was a great idea, so we have put together a letter of intent and some ground rules between LBS and said "to be " team.
Post ride was a day to get some extra face time with the shop owner and see what we all wanted to accomplish, and then see if we should move forward.
I can say the brief meeting went well, and there WILL be a race team coming out of the shop in the very near future. I will personally start racing under there name and colors as soon as Tuesday of this week, weather permitting.
I'm pretty excited about what should and will come out of this. We will keep it simple in the beginning and expand it as we go. More on this early breaking news to follow.

In bigger news of cycling. The Tour Of California's 1st stage was cancelled due to weather.

Crazy !!
And it's rest day in Italy. Well deserved after that 40 k climbing finish yesterday.

Train hard, train smart and be active.


  1. So bummed when my recording of the Tour of California was just a replay of the preview show.


  3. Congrats on the colors - post pics when u get something finalized!!!

    I find it always helps to race under the banner of something you believe in. I can draw energy from it!

  4. I was so bummed that I had to miss this because of a bridal shower. Bleh.