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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Ive really put in some huge efforts this last 4 weeks to stay on the super foods and keep my training intense and regular.
I haven't swam since the end of March and I miss it. You heard it, I miss it. You can only say that when you haven't done it in awhile. When I was swimming a couple of times a week at 1000 meters to 2000 meters it wasn't always so exciting.
I have also have only run a total of 10 miles this month, were I was averaging upwards of 45 + miles per month until march.
Granted I have spent allot of time on the bike in preparation for bike racing but I also miss running.

But for now I will stay with what is on tap. From now until the end of August I have 10 scheduled bike races. I want to slip in a triathlon in there, and a 10 k would be cool also.
My main focus right now has been my rebirth to bike racing. It is by far my strong suit and I think we all gravitate towards this.
Last night was my 8th bike race since Mid March. My diet is on and my training is on but I just couldn't find that extra juice to attack and pull away. I wanted to, it was part of my pre race game plan. I even sat in and didn't attempt to contend for either sprints mid race, all in an attempt to be as loose and ready come the last 200 meters of the race.
By the 3/4 mark of the race or about 19 miles in we had already split our group down to about 11. There was a 3 man break that got away with 3 laps to go and I almost went too, but figured we would pull them back in before the finish.
The main pack that I was in was very disorganized and people where all jumping left and right ,side to side to find the right wheel to latch on for the right leed out.
I say find a wheel and stick on it. If you picked the wrong leed out, then live and learn. Don't get all stupid in a pack of bikes riding 6 inches away from each other in all directions at speeds close to 30 mph.
But this happens and you just have to stay loose and hold your own line.
Coming into the final turn the 3 man break away have and will stay away. That sucks, I should have jumped that train earlier, but like I said, you live and learn.
9 of us jump and go, and it is the maddest dash to the line I have been in yet. I stayed straight up the middle throwing my bike side to side out of the saddle and just mashing on the pedals but I only had so much left to give. My body wanted to quit and give up, and for a Milli second I almost did, but my mind said go, you only have 30 more meters, DIG !! I only gained one more spot, but I at least gained that.
In the end I didn't contend for mid race prime sprints, (BOOOO, HISSSSSS). But I did pick up an extra place at the finish line. It was very tight with four of us coming over within wheels of each other. I ended up 7th overall for the night and gave it what I had, but I'll admit I was not on my best game.
I have a large race coming this Monday Memorial day. If I land in the top 10 there I will be very inspired.
I'm turning my bike into the new sponsors today for a Monday race prep courtesy of

And in that prep time the owner is loaning me his personal ride that looks like one of these.

Now that is a pretty strong owner commitment to a racer at the amateur grass roots level.
Although he has an ulterior motive of trying to get me off of my Felt and on one of these Cannondales since he is a premier Cannondale dealer.
I still like his style.

Train Hard, train smart, and be active.


  1. Sounds like you're coming into form and, with 10 races left, your finishes will definitely improve! It'll be interesting to hear how you like the Cannondale.

  2. 7th overall when not on your best game? Dude, I wish I had that kind of form. Out of curiosity, what was your warmup?

    Oh, the new Cannondales might be nice but Felt bikes rock!

  3. Nice style indeed. (from someone who mostly rides Specialized).

  4. 10 scheduled bike races. . . . . holy shnikes.

    And I trust P-funk. You'll like the bike. ;)

  5. Nice job, Craig. If you're coming in 7th when you're not completely on your game, watch out when you are!

    I did my first race that included a mountain biking this past Sunday, and I've got a duathlon with a bike leg on this coming Monday. Pretty excited about it, so it's always interesting to hear you talk strategy.

  6. Wow, good luck on Monday, I'll be thinking of you!