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Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday = solo Time Trial day

It has been awhile since I personally challenged myself in an all out assault. Me and bike VS. road and elements. 
I love TT. It is one of the original reasons I gravitated towards triathlon back in the day. 
If I could afford it, I would have a TT bike again that would match the luster of my current road bike. With that said I had to choose one or the other due to the expense of said road bike.

No worries, I love my road bike and I challenge myself to stay in the drops and arms bridged over the top bar for miles on end. If there is anything good of this, it's that it has made me a much more aggressive bike handler in the drops sans high speed,tight racing conditions. Also when I do have the opportunity to acquire another true Hi Mod TT bike I'm sure it will be more appreciated. 

Total ride was near flat with some minor rises. Total distance was 24.6 miles, of which only 17.5 was measured as the TT distance. I used the 1st 7 miles of surface streets to wake up, and warm up. Drinking about 10 o.z. or so of Citomax energy and taking in a Honey Stinger waffle. It also is the beginning of an all flat 7.2 mile section of river trail that I never have to stop or worry about cross traffic. It can be boring as hell on a normal basis, but for intervals or TT purpose it is perfect. 
The 2nd section is a 10.4 mile straight stretch of PCH with the last 2.8 miles turning inland with to small climbs. I shut down the true effort .4 miles from home. I did my absolute best to lower cadence and time every light to never come to complete stop. I also blew through two exposed corner lights that I could see had no traffic. I know that is not o.k. to do, I don't even condone it. I'm just being honest here. The slow down and wind up is what kills the body in a TT.  

Total ride of 24.86 miles was 1h 20m 6s

Total TT time for 17.5 miles was 42:35:13 = Average speed over 17.5 miles @ 24.2 mph.

I think, know I had left everything out there. I have felt great over the last 9 days and chose this after 2 days rest. I would love to hit this again on a carbon, fitted TT bike, just to see what I could truly shave off.  
Of course there are a bunch of variables, of weather (it was dead wind,62 degree sun up). 
Body,fitness (same amount of riding and bike fitness level is equal) etc..

But it would be fun.

Have a great weekend and be safe.

Train hard,train smart, be active.             


  1. That's a killer TT on a road bike! Nicely done. Gotta love that F1 (I'm on a ZC myself).

  2. Holy smokes... that's awesome!

    We have a 22 mile TT course that we do a few times a year. Besides the uncontrollable variables, it's fun to see how far we come! :)

  3. Awesome! Way to go!

    OK...dumb bike question. You said "I challenge myself to stay in the drops and arms bridged over the top bar for miles on end."

    What does arms bridged over the top bar mean?

  4. I LOVE the "I KNOW I left everything out there" comment.