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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I almost don't dare post this

But it is what I do.

So here it is.

Another post Tuesday night El Dorado racing recap.
Again !

The great news as I mentioned before is the turn out has been large. We had another 26 man field last night. I have had to miss a few races so I really can't possibly contend for the series overall. But that doesn't mean I can't do some damage in these last 6 races.
So I stuck with my same mantra from last week. Forget the 1st sprint prime, stay up front and see how my legs feel. 
I did this without any real big effort and again my recovery was restored within a couple of minutes. 
2nd prime came up, and I rolled through up front. This time not letting off the gas to see if anyone would hitch on and possibly take a flyer off the front with me. 
3 guy's jumped on to cover my attack, but only 1 was willing to work with me. We stayed off for less than two laps. 
Basically after finding only 2 of us working we sat up and said pass for now. 
With 14 minutes left in the 60 minute race. I was really looking for a big attack. The points leader in the series races for Long Beach State and he has help of 2 other riders from his team. One of them is strong, the other is still in a learning curve I would say. There were again some new faces with some strength out there. Along with several other guy's that have put in some good races. Truth be told 8 weeks ago they intimidated me a bit. Now " it's on", I say bring that shite ! 
It was a fast pace race all night. The total distance covered was 28.8 miles averaging 24.2 mph and max speed 34.5 mph, according to the Garmin. Total calories fried away in 60 minutes was almost 2800. I love that.   
With 4 laps to go it was on full speed ahead. 2 guys got wise and jumped off the front when we resumed speed after finally getting passed by the pro 1/2/3 field. Another one chomped the bit and went also. I sadly report that wasn't me. And regretfully I was looking for it, and told myself no matter what, I was going. 
Well, I didn't. I didn't believe they could get away. 
I'll save you the suspense they did. Although I thought we had reeled one of them back, it must have just been a lapped rider. So in reality on the final lap, the field of probably 15-18 guys left would be lining up to sprint for 4th - 10th. No one else gets scored or points past position 10.

Somehow I rotated to almost the very back on that last lap. Once I looked over and seen only 4-5 guys tailing off the back I immediately got up and out of the saddle to move into a proper draft position up front. 
I eventually settled into a bit of a disorganized cluster of riders 3 wide and several deep. 
I was getting, or letting myself get blocked out to the outside a little. I like charging up the right on the sprint finish, I think there is less wind ? 
I may be fooling myself ? 
But I wasn't going to make it. We had already made the final turn and the field is absolutely flying now. So I  hunched over and got on the front of my seat. Just soaking up every ounce of draft I could and bullied my way up the middle. This is a sketchy approach on a mass sprint finish, but sometimes it's necessary. I was able to get up in a slot and pull to the line strong coming across 3 wide with one more just ahead of us by a half bike. I ended up placing 7th over all in which I again have mixed emotions on due to the fact that I/we let the breakaway stay away. 
So there it is, another Tuesday night recap. 
Safe and sound with no carnage in our race. Although there was 2 separate crashes in the Pro 1/2/3 race and the Masters class.
The wreck in the p/1/2/3 race got kind of nasty. I'm told a chain got snapped and wrapped around a racers leg causing a very deep and fairly long gash. It didn't sound sweet and he was hospital bound.

I also got one last El Dorado race with Eric my son there. He became a great cheering squad and sideline supporter the last month.
This was post race after turning in race numbers and the parking lot clearing. I have to say it has been a blessing to have the experience with him, and a true testimonial about how working hard and not quitting pays off. 
For the books he had me coming over the line in 3rd, less the 3 off the front. Again If I was in some heated battle where points meant more I would dispute it. Um, that's not really the case so I will just roll with it.

proud dad, happy son

Train hard, train smart, be active.


  1. That P123 crash sounds nasty. I'm sure you were kicking yourself for not making the move with 4 to go like you knew in your gut. Oh well, racing always serves up tough lessons, doesn't it? I'm about to experience that first hand. Awesome that you got to share it with your son.

  2. I seriously doubt you'll let that happen again. I wish I wasn't being so freakin' disciplined on this 70.3 plan. Well I'm glad and I'm not - you know what I mean.

  3. There was a terrible crash in one of the crits here back in June. The guy is still in the hospital.

    So cool that your son is into this. Makes the memories even sweeter to have someone to share them with. And you're taking all the lessons you're learning (or re-learning) in these reaces...I'm sure it'll just make you a stronger and smarter racer.

  4. Man, you are looking svelte these days! I guess burning all those calories will do that.