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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

long weekend ,fast weekend

But a fun weekend. Hope everyone was safe and sane. Had fun and spent time with family and friends.

Quick overview.

Friday night was dinner with friends at a great Brazilian restaurant and then cards until midnight.

Saturday was 70 +mile road bike ride with OC VELO. Hot weather upon us, 6 bottles of fluid and some moderate climbs. I felt good, nope felt very good and did more than held my own.

Sunday was a chill, do nothing day. Should have road, but opted for a short 4.7 mile run in some heat.

Monday was a pancake morning :-). I kept it real but still had 3.
Random stuff around the garden like picking fresh veggies !! Yeah for our own farmers market !! More on that later. then off to my sons new house for swimming, more cards, and a couple of adult beverages. Some really good hand rubbed ribs and a grip of spinach salad.
I really would have liked another bike in there, but it didn't happen. My discipline kind of sucked.
The TDF has been good racing in my opinion thus far.

Train hard,train smart, be active.     


  1. TDF has been awesome so far. Really wish Garmin had a legit GC contender though.

  2. Mmmmmm pancakes! :) I'm disappointed that you only put 3 back though! :)

    We're loving the TdF! It's always so inspiring!