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Friday, July 8, 2011

365 days back on the bike and more

Exactly a year ago today I went out for my first road bike ride in at least 7 years. I had also just started running again and had some vision in my head that I could do a triathlon again.
So at roughly 220 lbs. I did very little homework and bought this.
This was an awesome find on Craigslist. And although I was pretty out of touch with the  latest and greatest (not that I needed that), I felt $ 500.00 for an aluminum and carbon bike with Dura Ace components was pretty dope. So I drove out some 75 miles away and picked it up.
My first ride was love hate. I loved being back on a bike , but as many of you know, your body just screams at you in so many different ways. My legs, my back, trying to ride in aero (LOL). The actual adjustment was so far off and I rode it that way for at least a month before grasping that it was more than just being out of form.
On 9-1-11 I started this blog and then soon meet Patrick from as luck would have it.
Even luckier than that, he turned out to be a very stand up guy just a few years younger and has some great life and family values. Loved the sport of triathlon and was in the semi early stages of getting his athletic life back on track.
Turns out we have similar likes and interests, and although we took different paths in our lives, somethings were parallel, others not so much. However, we hit it off and became friends and encourager's of each other. Our schedules don't match much but we have accomplished a tri together and some local bike races along with a half marathon.
This post isn't about Patrick, but that last paragraph says allot to me when I read it back. He along with many of you have kept me true to my training, more than some of you know. If had not been for Patrick I would have likely never entered a half marathon. With that said I'm a few day's away from re registering for the same race, who would have thunk !
By November of last year I had joined a bike club, OC VELO that he was doing rides with. I had done a sprint tri, and was putting in some miles via swim, bike run. I had lost about 12 real pounds and was really starting to love pure cycling again.
By January I bought this bike.

This ride was short lived. I had some fitting issues and it was a bit big and that apparently went along with my ego. So I sold this bike and the other and bought this one.

I freaking love this bike, the paint scheme is not for everyone. Sometimes I even wish it was a solid black or blue, or white. But the bottom line is. If your a cyclist, this bike is pretty kick ass. It weighs just over 15 lbs. and flys. I nearly let that ego and my ambitions get the best of me again about 5 weeks ago. I was ready to sell this off in support of our to be race team.
I have issues with commitment and people. I'll admit this. When I have whole heartily committed to something, "I'M IN". Know this also, if I give you the "we'll see" answer, there is a 50/50 chance I'm out. Sorry that is nothing personal, but I do let my personal home and work life dictate my schedule first.
With all that said, I'm very happy to say I have meet and made a great friend in Patrick. I'm a bit of a lone wolf these day's and have been for the last few years. Patrick probably doesn't realize that he is one of my closer friends, (until now). But he really is that stand up. When he reads this (and he will) he might also think I'm a bit pathetic, that he is one of my closer friends, LOL ! Sorry man, it is what it is. Deal with it !
So 365 days into it. My passion is just as strong. I'm well under 200 lbs now.
I still love to run, I really love to ride.
 I have competed in over a dozen bike races in the last 4 months. Placed as high as 2nd over all and as bad as almost quitting.
 Have huge aspirations to still build a bike team at a grass roots level and will be a big supporter of it. This is still spinning out there in mediocrity right now. Large talk and little actions. I will continue to race out this season and expect great results.
I will continue to ride 500-700 miles a month and get stronger.
I will run as much as my body allows, and try and be more diligent in working that in.
I will get back on a swim schedule next month when my son goes back to his normal schedule. 
I will continue to support those on here that support me, and then some. Remember "you inspire" !
It's been a great 365 day's. I can't say I'm amazed where I have gotten. In reality I could have maybe gotten further. But on the other side of the coin, I'm right on track to continue doing what I love so much. 

Train hard, train smart, and be active !      


  1. Some typos just come off bad ..... "OC VELO that he was doping rides with".

    Congrats on all you've accomplished this past year! One heck of a journey.

  2. I saw that and fixed it. He could be doping too though. Jury is still out.


  3. Without a doubt - You Inspire me! :)

    Great recap, wow how the time flies! I'm glad you have stuck with it - sweet deal on the first bike! wow - but nothing beats the beast your ride now. That thing looks wicked fast! :)

  4. cool dude, I feel the same way. you know that.

    7:05 tomorrow?

  5. P - I'm out for Saturday :-( let me know if your shedule calls for bike work Sunday though.

  6. Dude, that is awesome. I agree, but I would extend it to you and Patrick. You have both been great encouragers of my efforts and I appreciate it more than you both could know.

    Keep riding, my friend.

  7. What a great post... it only takes one person to change your life a little. And it seems like you might have had a huge impact on his too - just taking a guess!