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Thursday, July 7, 2011

I ran again LOL !

2 runs in the same week ? Wow, seems amazing at this point in my life.
It would have been a wonderful morning for a dry warm ride, but I tell myself that too often and time in the Kayanos slowly gets away from me.
So there it was, another near failure to run and opt to ride.But I quickly came to my senses and and threw on the dri fits and laced them up, (well I have speed laces) so I slipped them on. Cleared the Garmin and hit play on the I-POD.
All was good on the tarmac and before I knew it I had banged out a a quick 4 miles of running. Far ? NO, Fast ? no ! I conscious and or unconsciously held a 9:06 pace for 4 miles or just over and never really thought too much about it. I just enjoyed the pounding of the road under my shoes and the sun coming up behind me. It was an awesome 68 degree sunrise and the world was right.
I'm not fast, but I do enjoy me some road running.
Back on the bike tomorrow ! But it was good times and once again a great change of pace.


  1. What time are you riding tomorrow?

  2. leave the house at 5:40 ish.

  3. Eerie. I also rarely run more than once a week but this morning at sunrise it was a nice 76 degrees and I did 3.25mi at the exact same 9:06 pace you did. Of course I also squeezed in a quick 15mi on the bike after that and before work.

  4. great work gettin out there

    not as jealous of the pics now that its summer here:)