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Friday, July 15, 2011

I love this everytime I see it

I wish the whole U.S. or at least all of California could embrace this.
It's a whole lane, let alone near perfect surface. Just for the safety and enjoyment of commuting or recreational cycling.

So tomorrow is a long ride with plenty of climbing with OC VELO. Which in this case I'm pretty happy about because this will not be just a couple thousand feet and some miles when done. This can and will likely hurt more than a bit at times. With that said, I look forward to doing it in some sort of group be it small or a bit bigger. Here's the route sheet. I add about 13-16 miles to the sheet because I like to ride to the meeting spot from my house. There is just something about leaving my garage and returning to it upon completion. This is not the clubs most treacherous ride, but it has it's place at the top.
My only real complaint  issue thoughts, is that I did a bit of this ride just last weekend. Let's hope there is no repeat performance in that brouhaha. 

Newport Coast/Pacific Island Drive 65 Miles
R 17th Street 0.0
L Pacific Coast Highway 0.9
L Newport Coast Drive 12.2
R Vista Ridge 14.0
L Ridge Park 15.2
R Newport Coast Drive 16.2
R Turtle Ridge Drive 17.2
R Summit Park 17.5
R Shady Canyon 19.7
L Sunnyhill 20.2
Stop @ Turtle Rock Park
R Turtle Rock 20.3
R Ridgeline 20.8
R University/Jeffery 21.8
R Alton Parkway 22.6
R Laguna Canyon Road 24.3
L El Toro Road 30.3
R Aliso Creek Road 31.7
R Alicia Parkway 36.7
R Highlands 37.7
R Pacific Island Drive 39.4
R Crown Valley Parkway 42.0
R Pacific Coast Highway 43.1
R Main Street 64.7

train hard,train smart and be active.


  1. Wow! That's the prettiest picture I've seen in a long time. Is that what smooth roads look like? They're an urban legend here in Chip-seal TX. I hope you have a fabulous ride! Looks awesome!

  2. What a great lookin' bike lane. I would love to see those all over the country!

  3. Imagine that the original roads were flattened and/or paved for bicycles, unwittingly making things easier for cars to take over. Doh!

  4. Ah, smooth asphalt - a rarity here. Any stretch of concrete turns into cyclist mecca around here, regardless of traffic.

  5. We're lucky in that we have pretty nice roads around here...but no bike lanes like that one!

  6. We have a few of those bike lanes in Tucson and there are more to come. Very cool.

    I hope you enjoyed your ride today. You are a rock star on the bike.