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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Say what you want

But 38 degrees is cold where ever you are.
Now I get the fact that in that temp I get to see rolling waves and a beautiful sunrise cresting over the local mountains.
But it is still cold and there is no way to shake that.
22 mile ride this morning on my Ferrari F-1, I mean Felt F-1. It wasn't pure joy due to the early morning whine session coming through my head. But it was nice to hammer out some miles and get in some more saddle time.

It was a joy to watch the dolphins body surfing and just lounging around in the chilly water. The wind wasn't too awful either way, but it's presence was there.
There were not many other people out yet, but I reckon they will get on it soon enough, as it appears that it will get up in to the mid 60"s and crystal clear with sun.
I did see about 10-14 La Habra team members duking it out in a nice fast rotation on the other side of the road. I was really wishing I was over there at that time because I was starting to fatigue a bit then.
I'm still rolling with the no food on the morning workouts for runs less than 5 miles and rides less than 20 miles. It did help me shed an extra 4.5 pounds in February and I was able to make that stick without changing anything else on my normal diet.
I eat relatively clean ( not perfect) but pretty good. My issue is portion control at dinner. Everything else is pretty spot on. That being said I have still managed to drop that weight,get under 200 and sustain it.
188 pounds has a nice ring to it and would put me at my best physical weight I ever competed at.
So we keep moving forward and trying things that work, and scrapping those that don't.

Life has been a bit hectic lately and has challenged training volume. But I'll keeping pushing back when it throws out roadblocks.
Scheduled in and hoping to get in a 5 mile run tomorrow. This will be my first run since last Thursday, which is where my butt muscle issue came shortly there after, so well see how that goes.

Train hard,train smart, be healthy.     


  1. Nooooo sympathy on your weather. Sorry. :) Although it's definitely colder when you're riding fast on a bike.

    Good job on the weight loss. Portion control is my nemesis.

  2. 38 degrees IS cold! I just went out in those conditions @ lunch and I had every piece of warm cycling clothing I owned on. Felt like an insulated cocoon so it wasn't too bad.

    Nice job on the weight loss! I NEVER eat before runs up to 90 mins, but yet any ride I do I HAVE to eat something. Maybe its a mental thing, but I get hungry on the bike no matter how I ride it.

  3. 38 is cold on the bike - perfect for a running race.

  4. Portion control is everybody's are not alone.

    And btw 38* is cold. I ran (not biked) in 40* this AM and I was cold so going 4-5x faster than my run and yes that is cold.

  5. That is cold to be out on a bike. Hope you were rugged up :)

  6. The water temp is 38 here. The air is colder.

    The key for 38 is the wind. I'm hoping to ride outside this weekend. It is supposed to be 40 but there is a chance of rain. Oh well.

  7. haha, I am so excited that it will be 38* for my track workout tomorrow. Spring! :) But I admit, on a bike, that's COLD! Great job!

  8. 40 is my cutoff on the bike. Below that is just usually not worth it. I can find an indoor workout to suffice.

    Glad you're liking your Felt - I love mine! Great bikes.