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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Quick recap of some Tuesday things that happened, that are good, unexpected, blessings, or whatever you want to list them under.

1st bonus-One of my wife's occupations is a property manager/agent. She oversees a local property that has multiple tenants. It was her suggestion to remove some rental washer and dryers. Purchase some wholesale units and suck up 100 % of the profits from usage. Obviously there can and eventually will be cost incurred with upkeep etc. but that's what warranties are for.
Not going to deep, she bought some units and they did direct delivery to our home. Being that I have some mechanical back ground, I told her if she painted and prepped the room I would install them.
Total time for her to prep,paint and she even laid down some flooring remnants was 2 hours. I, with her help unloaded, hooked up and performed test runs in 1.5 hours. Total time 3.5 hours. We thought $ 300.00 was lucrative yet fair. The property owner was so excited about the pictures and how smooth it went down that he sent us $ 500.00. 

2nd bonus- I went to buy some new bib shorts, fully expecting to pay $100.00 to $140.00. I find  LG's fit sensor 3-D are best for me.
Found them locally, they showed on sale for $ 79.00 ( I SHOULD HAVE GRABBED 2) I took  them to the counter and they rang up @ $120.00? "WTH"
I comment that they showed $ 79.00 on sale upstairs. Fully expecting the guy to laugh at the price (like I originally did), he said hang on. He got off his butt went upstairs and checked.
The price was for there brand, but he said because someone racked them all wrong he would gladly honor it. " STOKED !!!!!

3rd bonus- ordered grande ice coffee non fat, light ice - I get to the window and it's a Vente. My first thought was how I was going to be geeking at 8:30-9:00 at night.
But without hesitation she realized what she had done and said, "no worries" I'm just charging you for a Grande, have a nice day.

They may seem like small victories, (and they are). But it is nice to have any victories at times. And besides they all made me smile and happy.

Morning ride was out of the garage @ 6:00 a.m.,with NO lights !!
It said sunrise was 6:12 a.m. but I'm not complaining. It was light and warmer than it has been.
With the extra time and deadish wind, I opted for a longer route and headed north first down into Belmont shores, then Long Beach area.
Eventually looping back down through Bay shore and in through Seal beach. I was solo until the Long beach Marina turn ,where I was changing from clear lense glasses to full UV.
A guy on a glossy Felt f-2 pulled up and what I thought was going to wait, then darted off ?
 I figured with the bike, likely he was a player or he just had an extra $ 4000.00 laying around when he bought his bike.
 So he got out there pretty quick and I labored forever to get on this guys wheel. I was Garmin free, so I have no idea of speeds on the pursuit. I do know I was giving it most everything I had to bridge up though. Finally getting up to him, I stayed back deep in the slipstream to try and catch my breath a bit. It was my intention to get my breath and the take a pull or at least get up and small talk.
The road came to a fork downtown Seal beach, and lets just say I zigged and he zagged, CRAP ! I wish that wouldn't have happened so quick. I was still trying to recover.
 So off I went again, the chase was back on.
It was at this point that I realized he was using this chase for training. He was putting in hard surge efforts and staying in big gears. Sweet, cat and mouse was on. Only me the mouse was cracking. Never getting that recovery and always had been pursuing.
Finally about two miles later at a bridge I caught him on a slight uphill. The bastard looked at me, nodded, smiled and hammered again. I was done chasing. I had about 3 miles to my turn out and I just couldn't recover enough to go again.
So I watched him motor on and away. I felt a bit disappointed in myself for not making myself go, but I was wrecked.
About a mile later there he sat at a red light and looking anxiously over his shoulder. I'm sure he was wondering where the hell I had gone to.
I had to laugh, the guy had just chewed me up and spit me out. So I just proceeded to the light and timed the green. I was on a slight down hill and just rolling in the drops. I passed with a smile and I think he was trying to jump on my wheel, but my turn off was only a mile or so up the road.
 He never made it up and I had to turn off PCH and head home.

I got a bike beat down (kind of) this morning.
But it was in a good way. I wish we could have actually hooked in and did some rotations, but maybe another day.

Total ride length unknown, but approximately 26 or so miles. Total time 1:22 minutes.  ( not as important as what happened out there today) .
I got rung out and my butt handed to me and it felt GREAT !!       



  1. Love when lots of little things come together to make a great day.

  2. Discounted bibs ..... always good. The early sunrise is nice too. Well, until the clock change this weekend.

  3. That is a super awesome day....maybe month to be honest.

    Good things happen to good people my friend.

  4. What an awesome set of events. Love it when that happens. And I wouldn't say you got your arse handed to you on a platter on that ride, you pushed hard and gave it all you had on the day. Well done - I am proud of you :)