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Monday, March 7, 2011

Mounting and covering attacks and fast rolling rides

The last couple of days just blew by. In fact, Saturday got so busy with the home projects, that by the time it was all said and done, well it was just that done.
I got allot accomplished but zero training. Unless you consider aerating the front and back yards with a four prong stand up tool by hand.

I watched a really stupid movie with my son "MONSTERS BEWARE". I rate it a 1 on a 1-10 scale. Rented 127 hours and never got to see it and have to return it today.

I watched my condensed DVR version of the Daytona Super cross, 3 hours into about 1:20.

Watched another DVR version of PARIS-NICE road race. And was impressed with some early season form of the Trek Leopard team. Astana team seems united and strong. The new Movistar team will make some noise. I was rooting for the condensed version of Radio Shack with there two hard core sprinters, but they got rung out and splintered.
I'm super psyched to see how this early race comes together this week.


I hooked up for a group ride with OC Velo. It was also team picture day. I was thinking it would be a very timid ride due to more people coming out than normal. I also figured it would be a shorter version of the normal Sunday recover ride.
I was right on the early pace, but the distance was business as usual.
We did meet up with a photographer on the road and get some group pelleton rolling pictures. This was my pictures after rotating to the back
   I'm guessing they had 40 + members show up. And although I told myself I was going to count I ended up getting wrapped up in the ride and forgot.

more to come at a later date with pictures from a real photographer.

So after that took place we regrouped and they issued the announcement that there would be some pace pick up and those who wanted to get down to training business would have the opportunity for the next 20 or so miles in.
We made our way to the first real climb of this ride, and although the grade is not to crazy it can get a bit stretched out.
I have been waiting to see how the extra miles on my new ride would pay out.
Full carbon road bike, in early but decent riding shape that fit like it was suppose to. This all seamed like a good mix.
I was missing my buddy Patrick from but he was doing this years first triathlon in the desert.
That being said it allowed me to focus on nothing but staying right of front and pacing with the lead out.
Yes they are training rides, but they always consist of internal attacks on flats and hills. I knew it was coming because I had watched them pedal away before.
I watched intently for the moves to come out of the front 4 as I was riding fifth wheel. But it actually came from behind me. One broke out to the left, then two by ,then the 3rd. With a quick glance over my shoulder, I shifted to a taller gear and mounted a chase. After a 100-150 yard dash uphill and hard out of the saddle we settled in with 6 riders and pulled hard to a regroup spot. I never missed a beat and my legs felt like machines.
After a quick regroup we head on again, knowing there was another climb coming up, I wanted more of the same. It didn't take long for the tempo to get fast and I moved myself third wheel to the outside. The same attacker set out again, as he was sitting off my shoulder. This time was my turn to punish. I jumped on his wheel within 3 feet of passing me, then just hammered past out of the saddle until standing wasn't an option anymore. I settled in and kept turning over big strokes. I put out as much effort as I could get blood to fill up and flow in my legs. I lead the entire pull from that point until the top of the climb and I was super happy with my bike and bodies response.

This was how I felt, although not taken at that moment.

It was a great feeling to be able to counter an attack and at least for a short time be the attacker. Normally this would not be the case on a Sunday ride, but we did get the go ahead.
Again after a regrouping we had a single pace line back another 5-6 miles to the bike shop for a full group photos. I know that I saw speeds at 28-29 mph in that short time.
The pictures were taken and everyone left after different times. I soloed out not wanting to wait around any longer.
This was tough because I had 11 miles back home into a stiff headwind/crosswind solo.
I made the best out of it by just be thankful that I got to ride. I get to experience something that most others never will. I was thankful once again for the opportunity, and the ability of strength and fitness to be doing what I was doing.
The ride didn't get less easier, but I sure appreciated where I was at on this day.

Total distance 56 miles.

Train hard, train smart, be healthy.


  1. great photos already! and what a ride, seems like you were on it


  2. Love your smile Craig!! Great picture!!

    Every time I visit your blog, I want to move to Cali--how could I possibly stay inside with that weather? Sigh. Keep training hard AND smart!! :)

  3. Love the smile Craig, it says it all :)

  4. Nan was saying I called you EXACTLY when you guys where doing the group photo. Sorry.

  5. I mean to say exactly when we gathered !!