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Friday, March 25, 2011

Faris Buellers day off

Well Faris wasn't there but he should have been.

Whoever followed  the previous post may enjoy this. The outcome.

Yesterday was my wife's birthday. I am normally not the most talented at making cool Little scenarios happen, (but she is). So  I thought I would take a crack at taking a special day and simple acts of joy and gratitude and see how it comes out.

I woke up early as planned. Snuck in the garage where I had previously hid decorations etc.. I did my best to stay quiet and set them up.
This is what she woke up and walked out to.
Not crazy, but she was super excited and impressed that I did it all covert.
From there it went on as planned. Coffee in the back yard (no rain !) yeah. And then off to the "Sugar Shack" down town HB.
She had the Pancakes as I suspected, And I had the Eggs Benedict with a twist. They add a slice of tomato and avocado on theres. It was awesome.
She wasn't too excited about the picture taking,but she endured me.

From there it was suppose to be a quick drive down the cost and then ?? But it was her day and she wanted to hit up Home Depot for soil and plants. She was now on the "i want to transplant a couple of things" kick.

So we headed over there (with a silent sigh) but a visible smile from me. It was what it was.
We got all kinds of stuff including 5 rose bushes to plant (WTH). We have never grown roses ??

Off to Luccis to get all her favorite Italian deli,breads, canolli's etc.. This place is old school and looks straight out of the Soprano's.

Then off again headed home to do said replanting.

o.k. so this ended up being a bit time consuming, and not really on my list. But again it was what was on her list and that is the one that matter.
I got a shot of the Jacuzzi finished product for you. Post cleaned, chemicals, and refinished and painted.

She loves it, and all that effort there was worth it too.

Eventually we headed over to get the messages and that was worth the wait. And felt great after all the stooping and digging etc.. I have no pictures of that, sorry.

After picking up Eric we headed back home to prepare the deli platter and wait for one of our other sons to show up.
The food was awesome. The Chianti was not bad either.And she loved that I didn't put all the candles on the deserts. Especially when they are canollis. But I did manage to get the candles lit.We made her endure the Happy Birthday song and she made her wish.
All in all it was an awesome day. I loved watching her enjoy her day all the way through it. I also loved that she truly acknowledged that I really put effort into it. And it was special to her. To hear that was worth it all.
Thanks for following and her well wishes.


Woke up this a.m. and got in 4 solid miles of running in an early morning down pour. And it was worth every step of it.


  1. What a great hubby! Way to get the run in this morning.

  2. What an AWESOME job you did!! I am sure your wife really appreciated this. That's really very, very thoughtful. NICE!

  3. YAY! So glad that it was perfect! Great job!

  4. You are a fabulous hubs Craig!! She had to be thrilled to spend the day with you AND check of some of the "honey-do" list! he he!


  5. Awesome! I bet you really made her day special! That jaccuzzi is awesome!