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Monday, March 28, 2011

The thick of it

I won't re write a blog that has already been written. See for details. But it was quite an epic ride.
One thing Patrick forgot to mention is not all, or should I say not many take on that A ride agenda.
As with most clubs there are rides within rides, as there should be. And ours is no different. When the split up from A to B or even A- takes place, the ride gets real, and I mean real as in real fast, real hard, real quick.
There are only a handful of people in our club that choose it and it's for good reason. So when Patrick says its EPIC and he nailed the climbs, you have to give credit where it is due.
He did just that and he did it well.
 And once again I am amazed that it only showed a 12 % grade at peak, I'm guessing the length of it added to the sheer agony of it all.
I will say personally that I was toast. Never with the thought of stopping, but certainly with voices screaming internally to take one more turn of the crank and get there without style or care. Just get there.
Although clearly not us, this is a real look at an 10+ degree pitch climb. Consider this for more than a mile and doing it more than once and it will give you some clarity.
At this point in this blog, you have probably figured out that my strong point of Multi sport is cycling. Strong point is actually overstated, I should say passion. I love to cycle and I'm not biased to the type. I love switchbacks, straight climbs, descending, fast peletons, and even the dreaded cornering in groups. I love the test of all of it.
At just shy of 200 pounds still, I am no true climber. My strength lies in the pure power I can put out and for the length and time I can hold it. I won't lie, I get my kicks on having people line up behind me and punishing the hell out of there legs and lungs. I'm still way off of my target cycling/triathlon idea weight ,but for now I just keep plugging ahead and making gains as I go. Some day's are good and some days are a challenge. But there all part of the journey.
At the end of the day 71.32 miles 5,650 calories spent in 4:16:05 minutes max speed of 46.2 mph. It was a good day. It was great to test myself and even feel some failure. It is these types of day's that really get embedded in my mind and keep me focused on what I need to do to go harder and faster. But at the same time keeping it real and fun.

Sunday was spent reorganizing the garage and hanging out.
Today was a 5:45 a.m. 24.7 mile loop at a recovery average of 18 mph, max speed only hitting 24.3 total time of 1:23:05. Now currently putting in another lovely 9 hour day of work, but hey at least I have a job, I'm really not complaining.

Train hard,train smart, and be healthy.  


  1. I'll never ride like you and Patrick, but I have to agree that the variety of cycling is what makes it so fun!

  2. I can't find climbs like that around here (Dallas area). Best I can find is a series of quarter-mile long 10% grades by the lake. I once did a half-mile 12% but that was down in Austin. I can't imagine doing those grades for that long. My hat (or would that be helmet?) is off to you!

    Oh, and I still don't like the cornering in groups thing. 2 corner accidents last year may have something to do with it.

  3. Ok, I seriously don't even know some of those cycling terms you just through out, but I just started triathlon and cycling last year. I'm still scared to death on the bike most of the time. I hope one day it will be a passion for me, but I've got a long way to go. Great job on the long ride!

  4. Do you remember saying something to the effect of "what the hell are you doing? Just pedal?" to me about 2/3rds the way up that last climb. Funny stuff.

  5. Kovas- never say never.

    Tri4- Ive been out that way, you would have to travel a bit North wouldn't you.

    Michael- I'm glad you read it. I'm sorry for the terms. It is for this reason that I am going to start a cycling only blog. I have realized that I stray to much from swim,bike,run here and most people probably don't give a rip. I hope you do well and get the bug.

    P- yah, I remember. I thought you were nuts, then realized you were doing a vital organ inventory :-) Freakin smart guy !! Clearly my inner screaming snuck out .

  6. I think you should leave it all in one blog - I love reading about your cycling. Its no different than the other blogs that are running heavy but they do the odd tri. I like yours because I am way more interested in the cycling aspect. You rock! Thats a killer climb! Glad you are enjoying the pain hah!

  7. JohnP - I'll still blog on both. We'll see how the other goes. I know the last thing people need is another blog to add and read. But will see.
    The blog is called "Cycling behind the Orange curtain". It's linked to THIS BLOG. Thanks for your comments. P.S. I have nick named you the King of bling. You and the wife have more gear delivered than a retail store. I freakin love it.