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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kovas inspired, memory lanes

Just like Kovas I grew up in Huntington Beach Ca. As I have stated so many times, this is the place for me. But in reality I was born not so far from where Kovas lives now. I was reared and hatched in Batavia Illinois and moved here just before my 7th birthday.
I too took up skating and early punk rock shenanigans. And although I may not be that proud of some of the things I did at that time in my life, there are some great memories.

We also had, and have a huge Motocross scene out here, and even though I was the surfer kid from HB, I could throw down some solid laps on a dirt bike. Letting it hang out on a whooped out 100 yard stretch 5 gear pinned.

Or ripping through a down hill off camber turn to a sprint finish and win a moto.
 Just like he has done. Ive tried to introduce my sons to the sports I loved and love.
But when it comes down to it, they have to make the ultimate choices of who they are and what identity and foot print they want to leave.
My enthusiasm for high energy sports goes around and AROUND. But it never stops turning.
I'll be engaged in something until the day I have completely wrecked.

For now it is swim;
bike :

and run :

We are not only living the dream. We are the dreams of so many.

What keeps you burning ?

Train hard, train smart, be healthy.


  1. Way to rub it in, Craig - well done. I'm working from the patio today and my last big decision will be whether I'm hitting the trails in Bolsa Chica or the beach strand. Either way, I can create a route that allows me to watch the sun dip into the Pacific around sunset.

    What's up, Iowa?

  2. Love the swim photo, that's how I imagine all Californians train, when they're not hanging with Charlie Sheen.

  3. Charlie just left, I had to give him a refill of dragons blood.

    Hell yes Patrick, 3 more days until late evenings !!

  4. LOL @ Kovas. I was going to make a comment about your swim training, but Kovas has me beat. As usual.

    I am with you, I will be fully engaged in something until there I am wiped. Not sure where the fire comes from, but I have it too.

  5. I represent the odd man out in this group. I am good at many things and have had incredible experiences in the U.S. and all around the world.

    But I have NEVER been into sports...of any kind. Imagine what I have to do mentally to change that perspective at age 45? I just think it is funny that you lifelong jocks really accept a shlub like me. I feel honored that you cheer me on and don't give up on me.

    But I always defy expectations and with you cheering me on, I have run over 100 miles in the last few months. That is amazing. Maybe I am getting some of that burning fire after all.

  6. No, way? A Dirtbag? I'm a CSULB alumni, too.