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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm not sure why you want this info

But here it is;

A- Age : 45 going on 27. Unless you ask my wife. Then I'm going on 12.

B- Bed size :  CAL King

C- Chore I hate: Plumbing task under an enclosed sink. I'm broad shoulder and not made to fit down there so well.

D- Dogs : you've seen them. Spoiled rotten. Jack Russel mix, rescued 5 weeks old from Rosarito Beach Mexico (irony eh Patrick) and mixed Shepard,chow,lab. Saved from animal shelter.

E- Essential start your day item : Coffee !!!! oh and coffee.

F- Favorite color: Blue works.

G- gold or silver: white gold if at all. Id rather have platinum,

H. height : 5'-9" barefoot and head shaved with a # 3

I- instrument : guitar + me = failed

J- Job title - Parts and service director

K- kids- 3 boys, 2 grand kids (yeah you heard me, grand kids) 2 step sons, 30 and 27. Biological from 1st marriage 10 3/4 . Gk'S 8-10.

L- live : HB CA - Don't be a hater.

M- moms name : self absorbed.

N- nick names- BAM BAM- do to choice of hair color,strength and build. - Ive had others, this one stuck the longest. ( Partick needs one- I'm calling him GROUND ZERO for now, everything seems to start there.) I aslo liked "QUICK STEP" for him.

O- overnight hospital stays- yes

P- pet peeve- too much talking. Shut up already.

Q- Quote from movie : "I'll make you famous" Young Guns.

R- right or left : YES.

S- siblings- 2 older sisters.

T- What time do you get up ? : 5:15 a.m.

U - Underwear- boxer/brief.- Calvin Klein should really give me a ring.

V- Veggie you dislike : nope !

W- What makes you late : me, And it doesn't happen often.

X- X-rays you've had done : ribs, front and rear. Head multiple times. Jaw, multiple times. both arms,wrist and hands. Both legs from the knee's down.neck.

Y- yummy food you make : Blackened  pork chops.

Z- Zoo, favorite animal- I can't think of one I don't like.    


  1. This makes you seem so normal.

  2. "P"...I didn't know. I'll shut up. What is it with Rosarito Beach?

  3. Ha, I met my wife there too :-)

  4. These are fun to read, interesting you like all veggies

  5. I am making a 'pork chop' this week for my challenge. Will be displayed on Friday.

    I am still trying to find a gluten blogger. I am going to foodie blogroll in a moment b/c there are all things food there.

  6. I love "D" and that you saved both their lives!!! And, U ha ha!!

  7. We like these because we learn something new. Like your mom's name. Totally needed info for our lives. :)