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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Season of change is upon us, and it's got its own agenda

That's what I'm hearing allot of out there. And I have to chime in a say the same.
Although daylight savings is an awesome thing (I'm really not complaining). It HAS really been an issue to get up at my normal 5:15 a.m. and get motivated to start and finish an hour to hour and half session in the dark.
Although the run is kind of a non issue. I like the solitude. But the bike is super tough. If I didn't have the absolute passion for cycling, I would be in self destruct mode right now.
That being said, there is always afternoons and evenings. But as so many have said before, I'm a father,husband, one of two household providers.I love my house, and like doing things to it myself. I work no less than 9 hours a day and some days 10 +. That goes with the territory of my business.
The wife is super supportive and understanding. But when is too much, too much ? Only you know that.

So we press on and make it happen the best we can. I guess I'll only speak for myself here. That is what I do.
So they are calling for a possible rain out weekend here in California. But at least it's not snow. In which I'm being told the Midwest is still getting. I really feel for you peeps. True warriors of the soul.

Today was once again a challenge to get up at 5:15 and hustle to get on the road quickly. My plan called for 26-30 miles of steady to hard pace riding. 15 of which would be hard effort intervals holding 25 mph for 1.5 mile at a time. .25 mile recovery not dropping below 20 mph and then back up to 25 mph.
I opted for a route that was different than I have road to date for this. Leaving my house and heading east 8 miles to a river trail. This is where I could get a huge chunk of uninterrupted fairly flat and fast miles. All went great getting there with front and rear lights flashing. As I made my turn on to the river trail I then realized I would be flying pretty blind, as the riverbed was holding all the moisture and fog. The good news is over the past 20 years I have road on this trail on many different occasions. And although there can still be debris on the trail it is well traveled and usually pretty clean. It was fast and freaky at the same time but made for some great focus and concentration. About 3/4 of the way down there is a large bridge you have to traverse to get to the other side. I stopped and took a shot. This is how 75 % of my ride looked this morning.

And although I see this next photo really is shite !!! I think it still tells a story.

Certainly not the most attractive photo but I think you get the idea with all the water beads on my clear lense glasses. Along with the fact I am soaking wet as if I was riding in the rain.
Mostly I'm not looking forward to breaking my bike down completely to be thoroughly cleaned and re lubed. But I will do it.
26.7 miles in 1:18:36  and I really wished I had more time, because I was feeling like I had another hard 15 or so at the same pace.

Train hard,train smart, be healthy.



  1. Nothing like fog to make you fear for your life!

  2. The bridge in the darkness and fog. Classic. Can't say I've ever seen that bridge in that context.

  3. I've ridden in the dark, ridden in the fog, but never in both together. I think my upper body would've been all tensed up riding in that. Guaranteed post-ride neck and shoulder pain. Guess the years experience in that location helped you stay loose.

  4. love the photo, sorry to hear about the rain. Here in NC we are going from 40 degree raining days to mid 70's and then back to cold rain, the weather can't decide.

  5. Congratulations on getting out there and doing it!

  6. Glad to see you appreciate what you have - I'm still waiting for it to be reasonable enough to get an outdoors ride in!

    I skipped all my morning workouts this week to adjust to DST change first. I'll restart next week. That's just WAY to early, especially since I'm just coming off an illness.

    I love the fog pic! Stay safe, cars suck! I envy you!