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Thursday, March 3, 2011

What was that a no work out Wednesday ??

Yep, that's what happened when everyday life got in the way. And I like that it doesn't kill me mentally. My patience has come along way.
I just stay on track with calories and the issues at hand when time slips away. It doesn't happen often, but does happen. So I just stay focused and turn the page.

So I moved yesterdays run to today and got up at 5 O dark and got it together.
It was actually several degrees warmer than it has been this  past couple of weeks at that wee hour of the day.
So I took full advantage of a long sleeve tech shirt and one of my new pairs of Nike dri fit shorts. Set up the Garmin, hit the I POD play and off I went.
I went by 4 other runners on this out and back of 5 miles. That was the most ever on that leg of a run, and certainly a record in my mind at the time of day. But it was great to pass by, wave and give a smile to fellow freaks of the dawn :-).

Very mellow run a solid even 9:28 pace. My fastest mile being the 5th at 8:36, which is good for me. I can really feel where the few extra pound I have shed this past month have helped me feel more nimble.
Well as nimble as possible. I also think the weekly cycling climbs in our group rides of 55-70+ miles have helped allot in getting my fitness to another level.
So far I continue to stay as loose as possible and injury free. My 2.5 day scare was good enough for me. I'm glad it came and went as it did.

I'm still looking for 2 more days of cycling this week, totaling another 80 + miles. Looks good to go so far.

Train hard,train smart, be healthy.       


  1. Good to hear all is well - fly that freak flag!

  2. You and Patrick just pile up those miles on the bike. I read that and am totally amazed by those numbers. Great job.

  3. I did the same thing. Skipped Wednesday, moved it to today, and was out the door before 5. Only two other crazy people (walkers) out when I was, and I ran past them on my 1-mile out and back about 4 times.

  4. Luv the attitude! I need a better way to clear my mind when missing a workout lol

    Your week looks great! I can't wait to ride outside and with our clubs. Almost. There.

  5. Was stoked to wake up to slightly warmer air this morning, I have turned into such a wimp. Won't be making Saturdays ride, though I'd be up for Santiago Cyn. Race day Sunday, will be taking it easy just a swim at Belmont Shores....

  6. Great attitude :D Sounds like an awesome run!!

  7. Kovas, we are the freaks ! We fly what we have.
    Jason, I think both Patrick and I would like to see more miles. Well I won't speak for him, but knowing him I reckon he would.
    Kate you may motivate those people to run some day.I like that.

    JohnP, I cant wait for ya'll to get outside too and get some fresh air :-)

    P- I know your in race mode, wish I was lining up with you :). Sunday is picture day, do you want me to bring a full size cut out of you ?

    Katie with your speed I cant even relate to you and a topic about running. You run distance like I do my final 200 yards.

  8. I like it. As a morning freak-a-zoid, it's wonderful and thanks for waving. What's up with the people who don't??

  9. glad ur running and fer sure cycling has boosted that base!!
    everyone seems crunched for time lately me included!