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Friday, March 18, 2011

Like sands through the hour glass

Yeah, not so much. My life is hectic, but no soap opera.
All kinds of things cropping up some good,some bad, some par for the course.

I have managed only a couple of work outs this week. Be that as it is, I made them high intensity and worth every minute I was out there.
 It's an odd time in my life right now where there is a lot going on, and yet I feel we aren't making much headway.
So I make sure I get up, throw a smile on, keep my sights focused and move forward. Daily plans change hourly, and hourly plans change daily.
This too shall pass, and come hell or high water I will come out with a victor.
As disciplined athletes, weather amature or otherwise, we have an edge that keeps our intensity up and our minds sharp. Alert for the roadblocks and ready for strategy changes. It's who we are and what we do. I take advantage of this skill and use it daily.


St. Patricks day came and went. For me, being of 2nd generation Irish decent, I used to celebrate this day as If I was standing in downtown Dublin or once again hunkered up to my favorite bar Brandon's in Kilarney. But any more it's just not who I am. And certainly not what I'm about. However I have managed to eat cornbeaf and cabbage twice this week. Not the healthiest of meals, but I love it. That being said, Irish food is horrible and is always a rude awakening when your there. I have lived on eggs,cereal,fish & chips, and Guinness for days on end there. No offense to my fellow Gaelic Celts. But this is the truth and you know it.

I have been trying to be a good husband and keeping my ears open for the perfect or at least right birthday gift for my supportive wife. Sometimes I fail at this, and other times I do o.k.
This year I'm hoping I did o.k.
I listened and this is what I heard.
It is used, but in great shape. It fits 6 comfortably and is being hooked up for her right now. The price was right and I think she will be super stoked.
Along side of this, there is many times I would like to come home from a long 8-11 mile run, or a 50-70 mile bike and take a long soak.
So I see it as a bit spendy, but worth it.
How did I do ??


I slipped out for a nice 4 mile run at a 9:09 mpm pace and it felt like I was literally trotting. My breathing was sold controlled and my HR so down it was almost scary. Pushing myself hard on the bike, be it up long or short climbs and or hammering on flats has really seamed to get my anaerobic threshold to another level. Granted the run was not fast, but if I had been out to push that run pace it would have been easy to do.

Safe and happy weekends to all.

Train hard,train smart, and be healthy.    


  1. Dont you love gifts that offer mulitple uses

  2. I would say you did GREAT!

  3. Great gift, and you liking it is a plus.

  4. I think you're going to have a happy wife. :)

  5. Enjoy the weekend in the spa!

  6. wait a minute, you had me feeling bad for you about plans changing hourly weekly daily whatever and then you end with the hot tub pic? Psych!

  7. True genius is when you give a present that you will enjoy as well. Way to go Einstein!

  8. ummmmm was this for her or for you??! j/k good job LISTENING as that seems to be one of my shortcomings:)