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Friday, March 4, 2011


This week kicked off midweek Crit season with They run series for several months in several cities from here until September. They also incorporate some multi day and single day road races.
I really wanted to get at least one race under my belt this week, just to knock the cobwebs off of organized kaos at 23-26 mph as it is.
Tuesday eve at El Dorado park fell through so I attempted to prepare for Thursday at Great Park racing series. It also fell apart due to some work issues. I really know Im not ready to compete yet.
I need to get back out and engage in the mix. Knowing full well to expect to get spit out the back the first few races. I need to pull the trigger and get in there to see what my group pace is and get this base of mine more refined.
Next weeks another week and will see if I can negotiate life and a midweek bike race too.
I do like the added pressure on my bike volume along with personal sprint and time challenges.

I finally felt FULLY comfortable on my new Felt F-1 this morning.I put down a personal best individual effort of just 59:38 for just under 21 miles.
I never saw a number under 18.9 mph and seen some dead flat section efforts at 29 mph. There is really no hills up or down on this loop, but I did manage 38 mph tall gear grind on a slight down hill on CH and was able to hold that tempo for almost a mile on my own.
I still tried to do this with as little in my system as possible. Total fuel and calories was 1 cherry shot block cube at mile 8 and 16 oz of V FUEL through out the ride. Sometimes I feel like a mad scientist doing this whole food and liquid test, but it does seem to be paying off.
Post ride was 1 scoop whey with table spoon of peanut butter, small plain yogurt,1 banana and flax seed blended with ice. I'll be starving by 10:00 :-). OH AND 3 CUPS OF COFFEE, YES i LOVE COFFEE. Kill me.  


  1. I want to do one of those races with you, so you are not the first one spit out the back.

  2. Nice pace! So jealous of the miles you're logging. Hopefully one of the races comes together for you soon.

  3. Patrick, this would be awesome for helping each other in the group. Also it will be a great experience that you will get hooked on. It is a little sketchy at times at the pace and uneven level of riders. But you just dig in and put your time out there, it gets easier (or it used to) as the season goes on.
    Note to self, when someone crashes,(and they will. Don't look back,left or right, just keep your head about you and go :-). Sounds great huh !

  4. ANIMAL!!! 29 mph on the flats is great!

  5. 29-38 mph is freaking fast, way faster then me

  6. I hit 29 mph in my car all the time, what's the big deal? :) Bike races sound like so much fun, but way out of my league. For a good read on it, check out Roadie by Jamie Smith. Also 10 Points by Bill Strickland.

  7. I'm convinced I'm never going to leave El Dorado Park once I get a bike because I'm so terrified to get hit by a car. Like I'll do all my training on a less than 2 mile loop.